This is Genius' world! This is Genius' world!


Once upon a time...


There was a stormy night, everybody was sleeping. A deafening noise erupted into the city, like it was never heard before. Then, a bolt of lightning fell on the library and huge quantities of electricity were discharged into the facility. In one millisecond a lightning flash travelled through the cables until it reached a photocopier. Someone had left a book on the copy machine. It was opened showing a picture that was instantly copied. The copier did not make a paper copy, but a human one! The boy and the console in the picture became alive!

From then on, Gènius and PlayMe (the boy and his pet) rest during the day on the copy machine that gave life to them. They are aware of their weirdness because they are half human, half machine. That is why they hide from the indrescreet looks of library users. But they are not alone. At night, when no one can see them, they navigate to the Virtual Library. A world, lost in cyberspace, where Valentina and Bit live. The four friends explore the ends of this mysterious library. A labyrinth with countless surprises and landscapes you can only access through this website! Welcome!




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L'ambient està molt contaminat. No es pot seguir així. Els nostres amics han trobat un arbre molt peculiar i amb l'ajuda d'un vell conegut de la Valentina, En Robin Hood, solucionaran aquest problema ambiental. 


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