News subscription

News subscription

It is a free information service through which you will receive in your email inbox notification of the documents recently acquired in the Xarxa de Biblioteques and any other information that corresponds to the theme and/or selected libraries.

To subscribe, you only need the Xarxa de Biblioteques Municipales card and an email address entered in our system.

How can I subscribe?

On the News page, select the "Subscribe" button or select My account.

It will ask you to identify yourself with your card number and PIN.

If you still do not have a library card, you can apply for it free of charge at any Xarxa de Biblioteques Municipales library or apply online.

Once inside your personal user space, you can check if you have registered an email address by clicking on the button: 

To access the news subscription, select the button 
Registration of a subscription

You can make as many subscriptions as you want by selecting the button 
You can filter by library or bookmobile, municipality, type of material or certain topics.

When you subscribe, you will receive an email every fortnight whenever a new document is purchased.

Libraries offering this service :

Every library and bookmobile in the Network offers this service