Get the Library Card


Anyone can go to a library and find some informations, but we need the library card to borrow books, magazines, music, movies, videogames or other materials.

Getting your card is free and easy:

  • You can go to your library and ask for it.
  • If you already have the identity card (DNI or NIE), you can request the library card by filling out the online form. Your parents or guardians could help you and then you shall go to the library, to pick up the card by presenting the DNI or NIE . 


In both cases, if you don't have yet 14 years,  your parents or guardians must sign the authorizations form that will give the library.


Each time you go to the library you must bring the card. The card is usefull for a lot of things, like connect to internet , or listen to the music, and even have discounts to go to some festivals and theaters!

Have you lost your card?

Explain it to the library staff and they gonna make you another card, but you must pay the cost of the new card.

And remember, the card is for you and only for you, you cannot borrow it to your friends, because you are the only responsabile for all the materials taken with your card.