Who are we?

The Network of Municipal Libraries is formed by more than 200 libraries and 9 bookmobilesacceso igualitario a la culturathat all operate in a coordinated fashion, providing the same standards of service and quality to ensure that all the citizens of Barcelona province enjoy equal access to culture.

Local authorities and Barcelona Provincial Council work together so that the Network of Municipal Libraries can provide more and better services throughout all the townships in Barcelona province.

The main advantages of networking in this way are:

  • The provision of a single library card throughout Barcelona province, valid at all the public libraries in Catalonia, enabling users free access to the principal library services and enabling them to obtain discounts at cultural establishments.
  • Access to Aladí the collective catalog of the Network of Municipal Libraries, which contains more than eight million documents (books, DVDs, CDs, newspapers and magazines) at all the municipal libraries in the province.
  • The possibility of ordering books and audiovisual material from any library in the Network and receive them at the nearest library to the user through the interlibrary loan service.

Through its role in the Network of Municipal Libraries, Barcelona Provincial Council makes the establishment and maintenance of the municipal libraries more sustainable, as these share technological, documentary and human resources. Barcelona Provincial Council leads and coordinates this library network, which involves more than 130 townships, ensuring the same quality of service throughout the province.